Ruth McGraw (1916-2010)

Our condolences to the McGraw family  You may leave a comment on this post by clicking on the post title.  For the obituary and link to the online guestbook, click here.

Remembering The Ranch


Welcome to the Ranch!
Well....not really......

but this is a place we can relive our wonderful memories
of the McGraw Ranch in Estes Park, Colorado
and the McGraw family, who welcomed us into the fold each summer.
It's also the site to learn more about the Ranch's current life and how you can still be a part of it!

Inside covers of brochure
Rate cards from 1969 and 1970

Haven't been back to the Rocky Mountains in awhile?  Before you continue your journey to the McGraw Ranch, take a moment to watch this amazing video from the Rocky Mountain Nature Association.  Another video from the National Trust for Historic Preservation is coming soon...

Restoring The Ranch

I simply cannot say enough about the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Rocky Mountain Nature Association/Rocky Mountain National Park Fund and the work they did on restoring the Ranch, with support by the Colorado Historical Society, the Gates Foundation and many more.

These groups are non-profits and below the pictures from their websites
 you will find links that will tell you more. 

Also, be sure to check out the links on the side bar that will tell you the story of the Ranch between the time the McGraws sold it and the National Park Service acquired it.

Visit the pages below to see what is going on at the Ranch/Research Center today!

Click on the photos to enlarge them for the best "view!"

Photo from Colorado Historical Society website

Photo from The National Trust for Historic Preservation

Photo from the Rocky Mountain National Park Association (Photo credit: Yost)

In the side bar of this website, you will find links to their organizations, with more information and ways to support their efforts. Please consider a donation.....It took a lot of work to bring the ranch to its full glory. (The Rocky Mountain Nature Association's Rocky Mountain Heritage Fund provides resources for maintaining the restored Ranch.)

Click on the map below to see a larger version of the layout of the research facility.  If you are familiar with the Ranch, you will certainly recognize the layout/buildings.  For more information about visiting, please see the side bar.